Skysun Pty Ltd  was founded in 2002 . Click here to visit our website.

We have experience in retail and import of musical instruments. With an vast array of prices and brands of musical instruments, buyers new to the market can easily be bewildered for choice. At Skysun.co.za we encourage buyers to focus on what their goals are to play a musical instruments, whether for themselves or their child or a marching band.


We are both and online shop and we keep stock of musical instruments which can be viewed.

Each musical instruments of course has varying challenges to play. At skysun.co.za we understand that the essential thing is to understand those challenges as despite whatever brand one plays it is well known to skilled musicians that yes, the instruments must be in good condition and avoid the pitfalls seen in many 2nd hand musical instruments ( though of course some have been serviced regularly and so on,  )

Guitars for instance need a decent playing action which is provided most importantly by smooth frets , string just the right height from fingerboard and so on , but these days for beginners these qualities can be found in good chinese manufactured guitars for instance. of no particular  famous brand so we try to provide decent affordable guitars for beginners under R1000 too at skysun.co.za

Flutes have challenges like pads not leaking or being seated with care at the factory , and in a small budget extra care must be taken that the setup has been good. We have learned a lot at skysun.co.za re this from importing various flutes from various factories . Clarinets and saxophones then also have their own challenges . Saxophone pads are not quite as sensitive as flute pads and our brand of Courante saxophones has excellent  pads, whilst  Courante clarinets are robust and very affordable for beginners and all playtested by us.

We concentrate on a middle of range selection of brass instruments at skysun.co.za which is both affordable – mainly the Jinyin Range. We liase with expert brass restorers and together with all all the feedback also from the many marching bands we  help, indicates the superiority of machining,  less sticking valves and so on than cheaper chinese brass instruments brands.